Adidas has two new wireless headphones that can improve your 100m dash

Adidas has two new wireless headphones that can improve your 100m dash

Adidas has announced that its releasing two new wireless headphone models in collaboration with Zound Industries, the audio technology developer behind Urbanears and Marshall Headphones. 

Comprising a pair of wireless earbuds and wireless over-ear headphones, the new Bluetooth-enabled range is designed with athletes in mind, with a focus on “movement and durability” according to the sports brand. 

Adidas says that the design and sound of the new wireless headphones is made to support everyday athletes “every step of the way from warm-up, to workout, right through [to] recovery”. 

Comfort in mind

First, let’s take a look at the wireless in-ears, the FWD-01s. They come with 16 hours of playback and fast USB-C charging, which should be more than enough to handle even the longest workout (unless you’re running an ultra-marathon, of course).

In terms of design, they seem to be made with comfort in mind, with interchangeable ear tips and wings, and a knitted cord with inline controls, which is designed to not tangle in your bag. 

Magnetic earbuds means that you can wear them around your neck without worrying about them sliding off, while an IPX4 rating means they’ll withstand the sweat generated by an intense workout. 

They’ll be available to buy from September 25 for £129.99 – pretty expensive for wireless neckband earphones.

The over-ear RPT-01s are similarly made to be comfortable, with an IPX4 rating, and removable, washable knitted ear cushions and inner headband – although it’s not totally clear as to why you’d want to wear over-ear headphones while working out in the first place. 


(Image credit: Adidas)

As far as over-ears go though, they do look pretty lightweight from what we can tell from the campaign images, and they come with 40 hours of battery life.

So far, Adidas hasn’t actually revealed any information about the audio technology on offer with either model; nothing about drivers, frequency response, or sensitivity. 

If their anything like the Marshall Major IIIs, we’re probably in for great top and mid ranges, but they could be lacking in the bass area – not idea for working out. 

The Adidas RPT-01 wireless headphones will also be available from September 25 for £139.99.

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