Salesforce: Welcome to the fourth wave of computing


Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has hailed the approach of a new technology “revolution” in helping transform the modern workplace.

Speaking at his opening keynote of the Dreamforce 2019 event in San Francisco, Benioff highlighted how a “fourth wave of computing” with a focus on data and analytics is helping more businesses succeed.

Noting the revolution that data intelligence is bringing, the Salesforce chief noted that the company’s 21-year history has seen it go through many different iterations, with the latest looking to get the most of data.


“At Salesforce, we love to see and understand data,” Benioff declared, “data is an important part of everything we are doing, and everything you are doing as customers.”

“As we move into this data revolution, I think we can safely say the fourth wave of computing is now upon us.”

Benioff went on to note how Salesforce is evolving its Customer 360 strategy towards this fourth wave of computing, which he labelled the “single source of truth”, breaking down barriers between different parts of the technology ecosystem.

He went on to unveil a new version of what is now Customer 360 Truth, which comes with the “single source of truth” goal built in.

“As we pursue the truth, we need to evolve and move forward,” he said. “This is critical for all of us.”


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