APS tip sheet: High energy gamma rays

APS tip sheet: High energy gamma rays


IMAGE: Nine Galactic sources are the highest-energy gamma -ray sources ever detected, which could suggest the presence of Galactic accelerators
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Credit: The HAWC Collaboration

New research detects gamma-ray emissions at unusual energy levels (above 56 and even 100 tera electron Volts (TeV)). Scientists with the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Collaboration analyzed the galactic emissions by identifying their source, their location, and their spectral fit. They identified nine significant galactic emissions with energies higher than 56 TeV, three of which had energies over 100TeV. These high energy sources could indicate the presence of previously hypothesized extreme cosmic accelerators, known as PeVatrons (which push particles up to one peta electron Volt). The results also could benefit scientists looking for pulsars — neutron stars that emit electromagnetic radiation — and supernova remnants.


Multiple galactic sources with emission above 56 TeV detected by HAWC

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